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» LOVEPLAY by Moira Buffini
Benet is to direct a funky new production of Moira Buffini's funny, naughty and surprisingly touching play about sex, which starts in 79AD and ends in the present day.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Theatre
Arts Ed
Opens July the News

25/10/14 » BLIND EYE closes to another full house
BLIND EYE concluded its run at Theatre 503 tonight with another full house. Despite receiving no press coverage from serious press and having no stars, the play was seen by nearly 700 people across its four week run.

19/10/14 » Full house begins final week
BLIND EYE had a busy weekend at Theatre 503, ending with a sold out show on Sunday. There are now five performance left. Best availability mid-week.

06/10/14 » Reviews start coming in....
Performances in BLIND EYE are being widely praised by the first reviews to come in, most recently from he Stage: "Gil Sutherland inhabits the central role of Otto perfectly...magnificent central performance" and from Time Out: "the acting shines through...with the talented cast".

30/09/14 » BLIND EYE awakes
After nearly 7 years in development, BLIND EYE is now playing at Theatre 503. It plays Tue-Sa at 7.45pm plus Sundays at 5pm. Ticket information on the left.

18/09/14 » BLIND EYE opens in 2 weeks
After a six and a half year genesis, BLIND EYE opens at Theatre 503 on September 30th (press night October 3rd). Advance sales are healthy, rehearsals are going well. Ticket details on the left.

16/08/14 » TWELFTH NIGHT closes
Benet's production of TWELFTH NIGHT closed to an enthusiastic house tonight in Cambridge. With his DREAM that preceded it in the Shakespeare Festival, his two productions were seen by a total of 8,000 people over the last six weeks.

11/08/14 » Reviews are in
Following the critical and commercial success of DREAM, TWELFTH NIGHT is also receiving acclaim, with the Cambridge Evening News praising "Benet's Catty's delightful offering... an entertaining and amusing production". The production has now been seen by 2,000 people and closes this Saturday. the Press

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